Eye Consultants

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Eye Consultants

Services offered: Comprehensive Ophthalmology Treatment & Surgery

Number of Employees: 21

Location:64 Doctors' Park, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Offices in: Perryville (2) and Dexter, Mo.

Phone Number: 334-5265 or 1-800-333-1568

What is your vision for your practice in 2012?

At Eye Consultants our primary goal has always been better vision for our patients.

Our founding vision 40 years ago was the same as it is today--to provide the most comprehensive array of advanced treatments possible. We provide a vast consultative resource to eye care professionals and their patients for all types of advanced ophthalmic surgery procedures. Our team rivals large Ophthalmology groups anywhere in the country for expertise in diseases and surgery of the eye.

How has your original vision for Eye Consultants expanded over the years?

Our original mission was to provide the highest quality care in the Cape Girardeau area. Merging the practice with Kies Eye Center in 2008 helped to accelerate expansion. Now with facilities in Cape Girardeau, Dexter and two locations in Perryville, our reach has grown to all of Southeast Missouri.

How has technology impacted your practice over the years?

The technology just keeps making it better for our patients. We are quick to embrace the best new technology as it comes along. Custom cataract care with modern multi-focal and astigmatism correcting lenses can produce astonishing visual results. Also, the technology of treating Glaucoma, retina disease and oculoplastic conditions have all advanced substantially over the years--all to the benefit of the patient.

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