First State Community Bank

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Henry 'Butch' Holyfield, president

Year established: 1954

Product or service offered: Financial services

Number of employees: 20

Location: 2527 William St. and 1602 N. Kingshighway

Phone number: 573-339-0303

Owners: First State Bancshares

What is your vision for your business and/or your industry in 2012?

Henry 'butch' Holyfield, president: First State Community Bank's vision for 2012 is to establish a deeper understanding of our customers' needs in order to help them in this unpredictable financial climate. We want to expand on our ability to meet our customers' needs through exceptional customer service and products.

Who are some of the people, either historical or living, who have influenced your business philosophy, and how have they done so?

BH: Bill Cooper, recently deceased chairman of the board, greatly influenced our bank's philosophy by developing a concept that a bank needed to be an asset to the people that it served as well as the community it served. You have to serve both to be an asset to the community.

Give us an example or two of an idea that came to fruition in the last couple of years, and how has that helped your consumers or clients?

BH: In the past two years, first state community bank has expanded the united states postal service contract postal unit and our full service insurance agency, both located at 2527 William Street, Cape Girardeau. This has provided additional on-site services to our customers, eliminating the need to go elsewhere.

How has technology changed your business in recent years? Was it difficult to adapt to the changing technology?

Bh: During the last year, we have implemented the "instant issue debit card." The customer receives his or her debit card at the time the card is issued. The customer has a choice of choosing the design they want on the card, including personalizing the card with a favorite photograph.

First State Community Bank

What are some lessons that you learned at a young age that still apply in your business philosophy today?

BH: First State Community Bank learned at an early age that in order to succeed, you must be ready to provide exceptional customer service and products the customers need and want in order to succeed and grow.

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