Alliance Bank

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Cord Polen, president/CEO

Year established: 1997

Product or service offered: Financial Services

Number of employees: 45 full & part time

Location: Cape Girardeau, Sikeston and Oran

Owner(s): Community

What is your vision for your business and/or your industry in 2012?

Cord Polen, president/CEO: To continue to build our customer base in all our markets. We anticipate continued weak or slow economic recovery locally, regionally and nationally so we will stick with the basic 'blocking & tackling' of banking. As a community bank we focus our services on the markets in which we are located and treat each customer as we would want to be treated.

Who are some of the people, either historical or living, who have influenced your business philosophy, and how have they done so?

CP: I try to learn something new every day and tried to pick up 'best habits' over the years from my bosses and co-workers. Moe Sandfort and Charles Daniel brought me to Cape 20-plus years ago as a young banker. Both have been mentors for me by providing advice and watching how they conduct themselves. Several other local business people have also been mentors 'from afar'... meaning I watch how they conduct themselves in business & personal situations and I strive to be more like them.

What are some lessons that you learned at a young age that still apply in your business philosophy today?

CP: I learned a long time ago honesty and integrity are highly valued in the business world. Every day I try to do two things: (1) do the wise thing in everything I do and (2) do the right thing for my shareholders, customers, employees and family. Everything else will take care of itself.

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