W.E. Walker-Lakenan LLC

Sunday, February 26, 2012
W.E. Walker-Lakenan, LLC
W.E. Walker-Lakenan, LLC

Year established: 1915

Product or service offered: Commercial and Personal Insurance

Number of employees: 20

Location: Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Benton

Owner(s): Joe Stahly, Bill Talley, Chad Hartle, Doug Mueller

Describe your business/occupation in exactly five words.: Commercial and Personal Insurance Sales

What is your vision for your business and/or your industry in 2012?

Bill Talley, president: Continuing to develop our company as a leading provider of insurance products in the Southeast Missouri market area. Our goal is to provide competitive, comprehensive commercial and personal insurance utilizing a professional and ethical approach. We will continue to partner with reputable, stable insurance companies to achieve this goal.

Who are some of the people, either historical or living, who have influenced your business philosophy, and how have they done so?

BT: Our current agency has roots in the local insurance business that spans nearly 100 years. The founders and subsequent owners of the original agencies and our most recent predecessors have established a framework and philosophy for generating a level of excellent professional service that we continue to provide today.

What role does your business play in the betterment of the community?

BT: Our company brokers insurance coverage in order to protect the assets and business operations of many entities that operate in our community. These companies generate services and revenue that is vital to the local economy and include businesses in the area of contractors, retail/wholesale, manufacturing, health/medical, marine and local government

How has technology changed your business in recent years? Was it difficult to adapt to the changing technology?

BT: Technology continues to change the manner in which we conduct business. The functions of rating, storing company and client records and day-to-day communication with insurance companies and customers is accomplished through automation. Paper files, telephone and fax communication is limited, which has resulted in increased productivity and efficiency.

What are some lessons that you learned at a young age that still apply in your business philosophy today?

BT: That our primary mission is to provide ethical and professional service to our clients. We need to constantly recognize that personal and business livelihoods are dependent upon our efforts. Our clients' interests are our primary focus and we continue to strive for excellence by utilizing our experience and knowledge.

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