Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Southeast Missouri State University

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Southeast Missouri State University

Year established: 2007

Product or service offered: Entrepreneurial training programs and business growth strategies.

Number of employees: 13

What is your vision for your business and/or your industry in 2012?

CIE: We assist entrepreneurial groups and individuals who want to start a business or grow an existing small business, commercialize a technology, study entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial communities. Our vision is to continue to support an increasing number of new and innovative ventures with our diverse training and development programs that lead to the creation of new jobs and expanded entrepreneurial culture in our region.

Give us an example or two of an idea that came to fruition in the last couple of years, and how has that helped your consumers or clients?

CIE: We had several exciting developments that came to fruition in the past year which will continue to make a positive impact in the region long into the future. Last fall, we opened new business service centers at the Southeast regional campuses in Sikeston, Kennett and Malden. We expanded our academic programs to include five new interdisciplinary minors, expanded our award-winning Operation JumpStart program throughout the Delta region and other states across the U.S., and entered into a new collaboration with the nation's largest microlender, ACCION Texas to bring improved access to capital to a wider range of entrepreneurs. In 2011, our Center was renamed to recognize the generous support and years of friendship and guidance we have enjoyed from Doug and Heather Greene.

What role does your business play in the betterment of the community?

CIE: We assist job creators. Through our small business support, training programs and business growth counseling, we strive to accelerate the creation of a greater number of new businesses and new jobs that stimulate local and regional economic growth. As our nation continues to struggle through a slow economic recovery, we feel blessed to have an opportunity to work with our local partners to improve the quality of lives, businesses, and communities in Southeast Missouri and beyond.

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