SoutheastHEALTH: A Passion for Heart Care

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Cardiologist Billy A.F. Hammond, MD, and Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Jon Colman (left) perform a procedure in the Southeast Hospital Cath Lab.

SoutheastHEALTH excels in heart care. It has done so for decades. Southeast was the first hospital in the region to perform open heart surgery. It has led the way in treatment of cardiac arrhythmias with a state-of-the art electrophysiology lab.

Building on that tradition of successful heart care, SoutheastHEALTH has teamed with Cardiovascular Consultants, the largest cardiology group in southeast Missouri. This experienced team, with a passion for patient care, has created an excellent network of cardiovascular services, providing the highest level of heart treatment in the region.

Cardiovascular Consultants

"We are extremely pleased to have Cardiovascular Consultants join the SoutheastHEALTH team," says Southeast President and CEO Wayne Smith. "With the addition of these specialists, and with our excellent medical staff and nurses, we will continue to grow SoutheastHEALTH's exceptional healthcare services and build upon our reputation as a regional system of care," Smith says.

The six highly respected, board certified specialists at Cardiovascular Consultants Bryan Beck, MD; Billy A.F. Hammond, MD; David Law, MD; Kenneth Retter, MD; Gabriel Soto, MD and Allen Spitler, MD have more than 75 years of combined knowledge in heart health.

The physicians' decision to join the SoutheastHEALTH team was based on quality of care, a team attitude and coordination of care. "The quality of care, the nurses' expertise and dedication means excellent care for our patients," Dr. Spitler says. "I think the entire region benefits from what I consider good, solid nursing care provided at Southeast."

Dr. Soto, an electrophysiologist and cardiologist, adds that navigating healthcare can sometimes be a complex maze to patients. "Our goal is to streamline healthcare delivery to patients, offering the best quality care in the timeliest manner."

"SoutheastHEALTH ranks among the best medical facilities in the nation for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias," Dr. Soto adds. "SoutheastHEALTH has been a national leader."

Dr. Hammond says, "There is a team approach for patients who receive care at Southeast. The collaboration between doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers leads to a prompt diagnosis, evaluation and treatment plan, and provides good outcomes for patients."

Dr. Retter says, "The nursing staff at Southeast is very good, particularly the cardiac unit. I'm always reassured that my patients will get good care."

The physicians of Cardiovascular Consultants, from left: Bryan Beck, MD; Billy A.F. Hammond, MD; Kenneth Retter, MD; David Law, MD; Allen Spitler, MD; and Gabriel Soto, MD, PhD.

Timely Care

When it comes to a heart attack, timely treatment is vital, Dr. Beck notes. "For a patient who comes to the ER with a heart attack, the national goal is to get him or her to the Cath Lab and have the artery opened within 90 minutes. At Southeast, we're actually doing even better than that, sometimes even less than an hour. We're proud of those numbers and we think the coordination of care is very good all the way from the moment the patient comes to Emergency Services until the time he or she leaves the Hospital."

Dr. Law says the new partnership benefits patients throughout the region. "We have cardiac clinics at Doniphan, Dexter, Sikeston and Perryville where we can see patients. Southeast also offers cardiac rehab in two southeast Missouri locations so patients once again don't have to drive all the way to Cape to get their care," he points out.

Southeast and Cardiovascular Consultants also bring more convenience to patients with two imaging locations (Southeast Hospital and Southeast Cardiac Imaging at Cardiovascular Consultants, 371 South Broadview).

"Our teaming up with Southeast is really advantageous to the people of southeast Missouri," Dr. Law says.

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