Sunday, February 26, 2012
ODACS Cape Girardeau facility

Year established: Over 15 years

Product or service offered: Drug testing

Number of employees: 7

Location: Park Hills, Mo. and Cape Girardeau

Owners: Dawn Pettus and Tim Edgar

What is your vision for your business and/or your industry in 2012?

Dawn Pettus, co-owner: My vision for 2012 is to continue to offer more online services and products to our companies locally and nationally.

Give us an example or two of an idea that came to fruition in the last couple of years, and how has that helped your consumers or clients?

DP: Being able to offer online training for supervisors nationwide. We are very excited that we finally have this up and available on our website.

How do you encourage teamwork at your place of work?

DP: Teamwork is very important! It takes a team of people to make a business work and run properly! We are always telling our employees if you have a better way to do something tell us. Sometimes we get used to how we are doing things and don't see there is a better way to do things!

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