Midwest Family Care

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Deborah Seeger, NP-C,

Year Established: 2011

Services: Family Health Care

Number of Employees: 8

Location: 36 Doctors' Park, Cape

Phone: Cape 803-1771, Jackson 204-3900

Owner: Deborah Seeger, NP-C

What is your vision for your practice in 2012?

Deborah Seeger, owner: Our vision is to make quality healthcare more accessible and more affordable for everyone. We are intensely committed to providing sincere, caring and honest attention to our patients' needs. For 2012, we are further expanding this vision by becoming a Rural Health Provider, a step that will not only allow us to accept more patients with Medicare and Medicaid, but to also offer a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay--affordability.

What else have you done to better serve you patients?

DS: Patients need to be seen when they are sick, so our walk-in policy is to accept any patient, newborn to geriatric when they are in need of our care--accessibility.

We are also dedicated to staying ahead of current medical technology. Our clinics are using electronic medical records (EMR). This benefits our patients by making it easier to send records when we make referrals.--convenience.

Our staff receives ongoing, up-to-date training in order to provide the most appropriate care for our patients.--quality.

Do you have a motto or a mission statement?

Our motto is, "Bring your family to our family," because at Midwest Family Care you are always treated like a part of our family quality care.

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