Speak Out 2/21/12

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parents' patience

THIS is to the person who thanked coaches for having the patience of Job. I think you have that turned around. The parents are the ones who have the patience of Job, waiting and waiting for their child to get to play even when there is a 25-point spread.

Dog fighting

THIS is for the person who has their precious pets advertised free for the taking to a good home. Some of these are going for pawn, for dog fighting rings. In other words, they are thrown in the ring and attacked by dogs to get them ready to fight. Most don't make it out of the ring or are tossed aside to die. So please, do some investigating, get phone numbers and addresses, and follow up. Even get driver's license numbers, because they will send their wife and kids or anybody who can persuade you to give them to them. Just be alert, until law enforcement does something about these cruel people.

Respect life

THANK you, Carol Trankler, for your recent letter to the editor. We have become a nation that cares more about how pets are treated than our unborn babies and little children. People ignore that more than 50 million preborn babies have been aborted in our country, calling it a choice. We have neglected the God-given value of human life. A nation that takes innocent lives stands under God's judgment.

Tax holiday

In December of this year, the Isle of Capri Casino is expected to open in Cape Girardeau. This casino will bring 1 million visitors a year to town and produce millions of dollars of tax revenue for the city. One would think that with all the millions of dollars the city will receive, that Mayor Harry Rediger and the city council could at least give us a sales tax break the first weekend in August.

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