A doctor's case for creation

Sunday, February 19, 2012
Dr.Carl Werner speaks about his travels and theories to the crowd at Glenn Auditorium on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University on Feb. 3. (Laura Simon)

The creation-evolution debate is a controversial topic. On Feb. 3, the Creation Science Club of Southeast Missouri State University hosted a lecture with Dr. Carl Werner to give its side.

In addition to his presentation at Southeast, Werner also spoke to students at Eagle Ridge Christian School in Cape Girardeau and Saxony Lutheran High School in Jackson. According to Sara Bonhert, the club sponsor, an estimated 600 people attended the three lectures combined, including more than 180 people at the university.

The Creation Science Club is a nondenominational Christian group that shares information on creation science through video programs, speakers and a resource library to counter-teach evolutionists' ideas and support the credibility of the Bible.

According to Bonhert, the organization has been on campus since 2003. The group has hosted speakers, discussion groups, documentary screenings and other events.

The Creation Science Club believes "creation science" is supported by observable science and thousands of credible scientists worldwide.

Dr. Werner speaks about his travels and theories to the crowd at Glenn Auditorium on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University on Feb. 3, 2012. (Laura Simon)

Werner's science credentials gave him an unusual perspective from which to speak. He received his doctorate in medicine at age 23 from the University of Missouri. A recipient of the Norman D. Jones Science Award, Werner also scored in the top 1 percent of physicians in the nation in clinical tests.

Aside from his academic achievements, Werner is the author and producer of "The Grand Experiment," a book and video series showing his journey in science.

The recent presentation given by Werner was titled "Why I Abandoned Evolution." The presentation asked, "Why would a top scientist who has seen evidence for evolution firsthand abandon the theory?" Werner spent time refuting evolutionary theories such as how life can come about without a creator.

Werner investigated evolution at his own expense for nearly 30 years. He visited more than 20 dig sites, conducted more than 60 interviews with experts, and photographed thousands of fossils. After the conclusion of his world tour and having authored two books, Werner did not find sufficient evidence to back evolution.

Werner was invited after members of the Creation Science Club saw him speak at a church in Ste. Genevieve.

The Creation Science Club's second spring program is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. March 23 at the University Center Program Lounge on the Southeast campus. The program will consist of viewing films that cover the defense and communication of creation science. Other topics of interest will also be discussed. Attendees can expect to learn how science supports the biblical view of creation.

The club has a committed core of members but is always looking for more. Bonhert encourages others to become involved in the Creation Science Club even if they are not students at Southeast.

Jason Lindsey, host of the award-winning program "Hooked on Science," is a committed Christian who does live science experiments in schools. Out of respect for public schools, he does not teach creation at any of his presentations, but he will tell students about science "beyond the classroom" upon request or to private schools.

"I believe that God is the ultimate scientist," Lindsey said. "He has performed some of the most astounding experiments. He created you and me, the universe and a whole lot more without error. I believe this because the Bible tells me so, which is the inspired Word of God. Bottom line, God hooked me on science."

He continued, "I do believe everyone should be educated on both [creation and evolution]. This allows us to defend our position."

More information on the Creation Science Club can be found by calling Bonhert at 573-824-5546. Information on Werner can be found on his site, www.thegrandexperiment.com. To learn more about Lindsey, go to www.hookedonscience.org.

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