Speak Out 2/17/12

Friday, February 17, 2012

Christian nation

I have been commenting for some time about the need to balance the federal budget. But it is becoming clear that there are more important things. Our president declared that we are no longer a Christian nation. He may be correct. More and more people are getting married outside without a church or minister. More people are getting buried without a funeral. More babies are born without a baptism. We are becoming secular. We need to remember that God is in charge of our lives. God created us, and God calls us to be his people. We should follow. May God bless you and warm your heart to his call.

Dress code

HOW ironic. While the adults still bicker, the students in the Cape Girardeau School District are said to have taken it upon themselves to conform to the new dress code.

Lyons column

THOUGHTFUL and objective columnist Gene Lyons recently posited that the president's strategy is in part to drive the Republicans crazy. If that is the case, there is little if any evidence that he has failed.

Hanover School

I loved the article about the old Hanover School. It is a landmark that should be saved. So many of our historic places are already gone. So let's all band together and save this piece of history.

Wasteful primary

THE amount of hard earned taxpayer money wasted on the meaningless Republican presidential primary is said to be in excess of $7 million. At least our state is in such good fiscal shape that we can afford to waste it. Still, it doesn't look good.

Mortgage abuses

THANKS to the U.S. Justice Department for getting big banks to fork over $26 billion for their housing mortgage abuses. However, it should not and will not end there. The next step is criminal prosecution of some big bank crooks and mortgage lending institutions.

National security

OUR commander in chief has done such a good job with matters of national security that he has taken from the Republicans the reputation as being the party strongest on national defense and keeping Americans safe. Thank you, President Obama.

Bowen column

CONGRESS has set a record low for approval. It is currently at 10 percent. Dr. Wayne Bowen recently addressed this in a column published in the Southeast Missourian. His solution? Strengthen Congress. Ouch.

Deer solution

HAS anyone considered this idea regarding the deer population within the city limits? How about coordinating with state conservation, county and city agencies to shoot tranquilizer darts with radio transmitters, if possible, at the herd and have people track them down as they fall asleep. The police department could temporally close streets when the shooting takes place. The Cape Girardeau Police Department has its act together when it comes to parades and could apply similar action to keep the public and wildlife safe. The deer could then be sent to a refuge, conservation area or miles out in the country where they could either be protected or fair game. The problem is wildlife in the city limits. And yes, man expanded into their habitat. Acceptable and reasonable balance may possibly be a solution.

Roundabout proposal

I wish MoDOT would lose the roundabout idea. They are nothing but a nuisance.

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