Speak Out 2/16/12

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rally coverage

AS a reader commented, I too noted that no stations other than EWTN televised the largest human rights events, including the West Coast Rally for Life, since Martin Luther King Day. They would rather show all the inhumane actions of the Occupy Wall Street people. Does that tell you anything about the stations? I certainly think it does. I don't remember seeing anything in any of the local papers either about the large numbers of people attending the March in Washington, D.C., including large busloads of area young people making the trip. Even our own state of Missouri holds a March for Life Rally each year.

Limbaugh, Alinsky

I recently reread Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." One of Alinsky's objectives is to do what is necessary to divide the community in order to better pursue and achieve your goals. There is no better practitioner of Alinsky's rules than Cape Girardeau's own David Limbaugh.

Ballot issue?

WHEN are we going to have the smoke-free issue back on the ballot in Cape Girardeau?

Postal Service

I was glad to see the article about McCaskill discussing the Postal Service proposal, trying to continue six-day delivery and one to three day delivery for first-class mail. People don't realize that if things change and it goes to St. Louis how much it's going to affect business and everybody else. It will be too late once it's gone. Everybody needs to pay attention and try to support these things to keep the Postal Service the way it is. There are also a lot of jobs at stake.

Contraceptive issue

I am a Christian person, but I'm not of the Catholic faith. Now I see on TV where the Army is trying to tell this Army chaplain that he cannot tell the people and the soldiers that he is speaking out against this ban that President Obama has come up with where Catholic hospitals have to pay for free contraceptives and sterilization practices. I stick up for the Catholics for sure. Obama is strictly trying to take away every right that we have in this country.

Utility bills

IT'S a shame they're going to raise the utility bills $15 more. People who are on a fixed income can barely make it as it is. They already raised the water bill. I'm paying almost $100. Now they're talking about raising the utility bill up. We're already paying $200 to $300.

Cellphones, restaurants

I think restaurants should institute a no-cellphone policy unless you are a doctor -- and you'd better be able to prove it. It's ridiculous when some person that's obviously never been taught a manner in their life sits there and talks loudly on the cellphone.

Police laptops

GREAT, the Cape Girardeau Police Department has onboard computer systems in their patrol cars. I hope that I do not drive through Cape Girardeau and see them looking up information or typing on these computers like I see the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Missouri State Department of Transportation. I hope these computer systems will be used responsibly, only when the officers are parked. If citizens are not allowed to use other electronic equipment in vehicles such as cellphones, then law enforcement should not be allowed to use this electronic equipment either.

Cape bus service

I'M questioning why the bus system in the city is so bad. I've been using it to go back and forth to work for a semiregular basis, but because the buses are never on schedule and because they go places that people don't need to go, I recently lost my job because I was late again. Three times in less than a seven-week period was I late because of the bus being late or not even showing up.

No to uniforms

POOR, rich or middle class, having uniforms will not change your status. Diversity in life is what makes you tough. Here's an idea, life is tough, deal with it. Why do we all have to be the same? Why can't we use our own minds? Let's make it easy to decide what to wear to school. Take the thinking process out of it. Isn't that what is so wrong with our country? Conform to society and not make our kids think for themselves. And we wonder why our nation is so messed up. It's because we want to take the thought process out of everything our children do.

Deer, dogs

I would rather have the deer in my neighborhood than all the barking dogs. At least the deer are nice to look at.

FDR, unemployment

DEMOCRATS should not sweat the unemployment rate. FDR, one of our greatest presidents, got re-elected in 1936 when the unemployment rate was 17 percent.


WE would really have a high crime rate in this country if they arrested folks for adultery, a crime in 22 states.

Super Bowl ads

SOME of the Super Bowl ads were cute this year, but as usual they have to make sure to throw some in there that you don't want your preteen football fanatics to see. When are they going to learn that football, especially the Super Bowl, isn't just for grown men?

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