Speak Out 2/13/12

Monday, February 13, 2012

Basketball venue

I enjoyed the exciting boys and girls basketball games recently between Notre Dame and Central High School. However, the seemingly summary and arbitrary decision to move the games to the cavernous Show Me Center, a decision made more than a decade ago, was woefully wrong and destroyed a decades-long tradition that was an integral part of Cape Girardeau's community history. I call on the school boards of both schools to reexamine this issue so that the restoration of alternating home court competition can begin again and so that the sportsmanlike school spirit of both institutions will sound loud and raucous as it should, rather than muffled as though emanating from an echo chamber.

Uniform distraction

THE Cape Girardeau School District's "uniform dress issue" has been a brilliant public relations move. It has taken all the attention away from other issues. Why has the district had two administrators leave in the middle of the academic year? Why are there 30-plus children in each classroom at the middle school? All this in a town that can't pass a smoking ban. Cape Girardeau, you never fail to entertain.

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