Letter to the Editor

Result of annexation vote

Monday, February 13, 2012

Congratulations to the Jackson attorney and his lovely wife, our state representative, the members of the St. Paul Church and the others for your work to win the election and defeat Jackson's will to expand to the north and add to its tax base.

This vote will stop zoning of the quarry by Jackson. As you know we do not like zoning in the county and Fruitland.

This vote will ensure the safety of all young drivers attending the high school to keep all trucks off their road.

This vote will also stop the quarry from huge blasts that could make the high school fall down.

This vote will also clean and clear Hubble Creek. No more muddy water after a heavy rain.

This vote will stop land owners or discourage anyone who would like to become a part of Jackson.

This vote also threatens the city government by the gang of lawyers not to proceed with any annexation in any way.

Ken and gang, you won the battle, but will you win the war?

Of the 9,895 registered voters in the city of Jackson you got 843 votes.

Former member of St. Paul,