What is love?: Artists create their ideas of love

Friday, February 10, 2012
Sarah Riley

Of all the things said about love, one thing is for certain: Each person experiences it differently.

SE Live asked artists around town to draw, paint or design an image of love for Valentine's Day. They had less than five days to sketch the first solid idea that came to mind.

These images were the result.

Some, like Emily Booth, thought of companions she loved. Others, like Randy Hays and Sarah Riley, created images based on a thought about love. Louise Bodenheimer focused on Atticus Finch, the character from "To Kill a Mockingbird," while Don Greenwood exhibited his love of nature and games in a black-and-white sketch.

Bodenheimer said Atticus Finch's ethics and kind, caring nature made him pop into her mind.

Emily Booth

This Valentine's Day, let your mind wander and see what you come up with for your sweetie.

Louise Bodenheimer
Don Greenwood
Randy Hays
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