Letter to the Editor

Get priorities straight

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I have come to the boiling point and must respond. I have read numerous articles regarding the dog that met its demise in Marble Hill. I in no way condone any such action that allegedly brought on the death of the pit bull, but why do people not use some common sense in the lengths we go to and the money we spend in order to protect an animal's so-called "rights"?

We exhumed the carcass and submitted it to the Animal Health Diagnostics Center. No conclusion was arrived at due to the decomposition. No evidence of a bullet wound. Is there no common sense in people any more? Couldn't the law enforcement and animal rights groups involved in the case not have come to that conclusion?

On the other hand, it's called a "choice" to burn to death in the womb or decapitate and dismember tiny little innocent babies, piece by piece in the place where they should be the most protected, their mother's womb. What has happened to our sensitivity to human life when we elevate the animal world to the level where we should be protecting our own species, human life? These little babies are sucked out and thrown in the trash or used for experimentation by the millions, and we just sit back and ignore it's happening. The time has come when we need to stand up for our own, our tiny little babies, more than animal life. God help us. Let's get priorities straight.