Speak Out 2/6/12

Monday, February 6, 2012

Uniforms, drop outs

IT doesn't matter what the students wear or don't wear if they aren't getting a good education and the drop out rate is still high.

Jackson stoplight

THE new stoplight on East Main Street in Jackson is a great idea but was most definitely put up at the wrong time. If there were actually businesses out there or a neighborhood, I could see putting the light up. But there aren't. It is pointless for a flow of traffic to stop for one car that just happens to venture out of that side street when they could just wait for the intersection to clear and then go.

Supporting uniforms

WHEN our daughter was in junior high school she tried to keep up with the latest trends in clothes. But we could not always afford the popular name-brand clothing. This led to her being teased and even bullied. At her request we finally pulled her out of public school and placed her in a private Christian school. I was concerned that she wouldn't be happy there because they wore uniforms, and I knew how she loved looking like the "in" crowd. It was the best decision we ever made for her. She said it was great wearing uniforms because everyone dressed alike, which stopped the teasing and tormenting she had endured when wearing regular clothing. Getting dressed for school each day was a simple task because her choices were limited. She actually became a much happier child and her grades improved.

Utility bill

I'D like to know why my utility bill is for 34 days. That's not fair. Three more days makes a big difference on your bill.

Distracted driver

I refuse to ride with my best friend anywhere ever again. She is constantly on her cellphone while driving and is distracted. It's very scary. She doesn't realize that she is risking her life, her vehicle, my life and everyone else's life on the road. Maybe she will see herself if she reads this and stop being irresponsible. Hang up the phone and drive. Pull over if you want to talk.

Faulty logic

PROPONENTS of school uniforms claim that uniforms will make buying those expensive jeans unnecessary. There's something far simpler that will do the same thing. It's a parent with a backbone who tells their child they will only give them the money for the inexpensive brand. That's so simple that only a school district or a government agency would overlook it. The use of such faulty logic to push through the uniform policy is a clear indication that the idea is not logical to begin with.

Bond issue

THE good folks in the Jackson School District are about to be taken to the cleaners again. Dr. Anderson is proposing that we pass a $16 million bond issue to build a new elementary school. This supposed overcrowding is mainly caused by the 268 students attending the preschool. I can't see me supporting a bond issue for a preschool. Also, Dr. Anderson says it will not result in a tax increase. Someone needs to ask him how much our taxes will decrease if we don't pass this.

Perspective needed

THE mainstream media has focused on three alternative energy-related companies that faltered following their receipt of government-back loans and grants. The price tag for these mistakes is yet to be determined but could be as high as $600 million. If you do the math, this amounts to approximately two days of the cost of the now-ended war in Iraq. Most government expenditures consist of big numbers, so a little perspective is always helpful.

Marriage threat

THERE'S a threat to traditional marriage sweeping this country. If nothing is done, the institution of marriage will lose it's cherished meaning. Of course, I'm referring to divorce and unfaithfulness. These practices should be banned by a constitutional amendment in order to protect marriage.

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