Hope Children's Home

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Imagine what these children must think.

Some have watched their parents abuse drugs. Some have been abused. They have seen and endured things that no child should.

Two Jackson residents, Kevin and Lisa Moore, and a handful of other generous people are helping these children in a special way.

Together, with support from Dr. Dawn Caruso, they operate Hope Children's Home. Caruso is the president of the home, while Kristy Mehner, a former special needs teacher, is director. The home has been in operation since last February. Kevin and Lisa have two children of their own, but also share space with up to six children who have urgent housing needs when they must be removed from custody from their parents.

Before the opening of the home, there wasn't another option like it in the area for children who quickly needed a place to go. Some children would have to sit for hours in offices of the Missouri Department of Social Services, a police station or an emergency room before being placed in a foster home.

The home operates independently but has the support of several Jackson churches. Most of the bills are paid for by Caruso, who met the Moores in foster care classes.

Lisa Moore said the home is a place where children can finally see that fighting and drug use don't have to be a normal part of life.

"Here, you can teach them there are other ways to do things than the life they are living in," Lisa said.

Thank you Lisa, Kevin and everyone involved with this project. It takes some very compassionate and patient people to address the problems these young ones face. We can only imagine the sacrifices, and also the rewards, that are involved with this operation.

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