Scott County emergency director won't man office

Thursday, February 2, 2012

BENTON, Mo. -- Scott County's interim emergency management director will take care of any pressing business that comes up but will not be able to man the office during February.

"I hate to leave you guys in a bind, but I can't be here in February," interim emergency management director Amber Scudder said during the regular county commission meeting Tuesday. "If something comes up, you know I'll be here."

Scudder served as the county emergency management director until the end of August when she resigned to spend more time with her family.

The emergency management director who replaced her recently stepped down from the position due to a medical condition.

Commissioners have selected another person for the job but are waiting to formally hire him before releasing his name.

Scudder said that while she will not be able to be at the office in February, she can be reached by text and email.

She said she will respond to storms remotely unless something serious happens.

In other county business that is conducted through that office, Scudder said she will proceed with a grant application that is due Feb. 15.

"Nothing else is coming up until April," Scudder said regarding the deadlines to apply for grants.

Scudder also advised commissioners that the Federal Emergency Management Agency's new flood maps will go into effect June 5. "But we have to have the ordinance in by May," she said.

County Clerk Rita Milam said some county residents are already being told by their banks that their homes are now in a flood zone.

Some are people who have never had to pay flood insurance before, Milam said.

"All of a sudden, they've got to pay hundreds of dollars in flood insurance," she said.

Presiding Commissioner Jamie Burger said that while there could be some additional changes in the flood plain maps, they will likely remain just like the new flood plain maps received by the county before last year's spring flooding disaster.

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