Speak Out 1/30/12

Monday, January 30, 2012

Court decision

THE Stephen Colbert/Herman Cain stunt in South Carolina was a sterling way to call attention to the stupendously silly U.S. Supreme Court decision saying that money equals free speech and implying that people with more money should have more free speech, thus giving rise to the noxious entities known Super PACS.

License plates

I was driving home recently and noticed that so many drivers have no plates on the back or front of their vehicle. They do not even have a temporary tag. Some of them are even trying to hide the fact using vanity plates or covers to hide the numbers or letters. When is it OK for these people to drive around without taking financial responsibility? If they have no tag on the vehicle, then most likely they don't want to pay their taxes and update their registration and tags.

Inexpensive uniforms

I understand why some parents are against the proposed dress code in the public schools. I am a parent of private school students and having a dress code is one reason I pay the tuition I do and send them to private school. I am not taking anything away from the strong opinions on this issue, but when the statements are made that it will be too expensive for families and people will not be able to afford it, that's where I want to speak out. One of my children has worn the same uniform pants and shirts for two years, so I have only bought new shoes and undergarments for the start of the school year. I maybe spent $50 on clothing.

Negligent care

I was so outraged to hear about the woman who died because of poor care. I have taken care of a loved one for many many years, and with a background in health care I know about skin break down. Doctors' orders are to turn and rotate the person every two hours to prevent skin break down. This woman knows that, but I guess she was too lazy to do her job correctly. That is why everyone should check on who is in charge of their family members.

Accident witnesses?

MY daughter was in an accident on Jan. 11, the day it was raining before the ice the next day. She was at the 93 mile marker southbound on I-55. She got forced over by a blue Ford Taurus or Ford Mercury Sable and ended up hitting the guard rail, luckily not getting hit, and managed to get over to the side of the road. The Cape Girardeau Police Department took a report on this. If anybody saw anything, please call the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

Deer's habitat

WHEN will the people of Cape Girardeau wake up and realize that the deer are not invading the city? Residents of Cape Girardeau just keep building and taking in more of the wooded areas of the city. They are moving into the deer's habitat, as well as the coyotes', possums', raccoons', and all other wildlife's. Remember, every time you see a deer within city limits that they are one of God's beautiful creatures just as you are. No to quarries

A plea for help from the Jackson supporters of Saxony Lutheran High School. Please vote no Feb. 7 so the people of Fruitland can form their own village and better protect our Saxony Lutheran High School. Your help is deeply appreciated.

Quarry vote

JACKSON has built a fairly new high school with Hubble Creek running along the entire western side. Will future smell and waste in the water from the quarries affect the value of homes and businesses along Hubble Creek in the future? Many questions, few answers. Does the city have anything in writing from the quarry owners? Why rush to annex until everything is properly done in the interest of we the people?

Keystone pipeline

CONGRESS is going to try to push the Keystone pipeline through just to go against the President. They will not take the time needed to really make sure it is the right thing to do and is being done in the best interest of America. They just want to do anything they can to go against the president.

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