Speak Out 1/20/12

Friday, January 20, 2012

No to quarries

LET'S respect the rights of the people of Fruitland to form their own village so they can do what is best for their community. Why does Jackson want to be part of quarries? In years to come could structure damage from the blasting done by these quarries bring on lawsuits to our city? If you have the Internet, do some research and you will see lots of problems caused by quarries. I say vote no on Feb. 7.

Right to wear jeans

CAPE Girardeau's school administration apparently failed to understand that along with freedom of speech, assembly, religion, press and petition, all guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, there is another unwritten right that is considered equal if not superior to the others by the citizenry of this great country. It is the right to wear bluejeans.

Electric bill

I'VE quit using my dishwasher; I've turned my heat down; I've kept my blinds closed; I've cut my wash; and my dryer I turned to delicate. And I am still getting the same high electric bill at Jackson.

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