Speak Out 1/17/12

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baseball poetry

ALBERT has gone to that land far away,

The Angels are waiting for him to have his say.

A great player he was when he was with us,

But now he is gone, let's not make a fuss.

The crowds will keep coming, three million plus.

The pitchers and catchers will soon report,

and we will all be watching our favorite sport.

Meaningless election

THANKS to the Republican-controlled Missouri state legislature for burdening the taxpayers with a very expensive, but totally meaningless, presidential primary election.

EPA regulations

I would like to make a comment about the EPA regulations. If you people who believe we are destroying the Earth get a copy that shows how much emissions that they want us humans to put out, you would see there wouldn't be enough carbon dioxide to even grow a tree. So who do you think has been slinked? You people that believe in this Environmental Protection Agency, remember that they get millions of dollars to shut American businesses down.

Gun news

A parent of a Texas eighth-grader is blaming the police for his son being shot and killed when he only had a pellet gun. The boy was told to put the gun down, but instead he pointed it at the police officer. The parent is putting the blame on the wrong person. The parent is the one in the wrong. The boy should not have had a pellet gun if he couldn't be responsible with it. The boy evidently was not taught about guns. Pellet and BB guns are made to look like real guns. Should the police officer have waited until he was shot to tell if the weapon was real? No, he did the right thing. But it is sad that such a young person is now dead because of not being taught real-life facts.

Good deeds

AT the closing of the holiday season it is really interesting to see how many people try to take credit for the good deeds that they do. They should realize that we are to love one another and serve one another and bless one another in secret. These things we do for our heavenly father.

Economic picture

WE have 149 million people in this country who are either in poverty or just barely getting by. That's one half of the population. How do you expect the economy to come back? They don't have any money.

Don't gossip

FUNNY thing about gossip, when you are gossiping with your friends you think they are your friends, but as soon as you turn your back, who do you think they are gossiping about?

Deer, trees

I am so upset. I live in the city, and last fall 12 or more deer were in our backyard at one time. It was a beautiful site until they started eating my bushes. This winter, the deer ate through my 10-year-old tree that I had planted in memory of a friend who had died. I don't know if the tree will survive. This special tree can never be replaced.

School uniforms

I think it's time to be politically incorrect. This deal with the school programs, they say it will hurt the lower-income people, such as those on welfare. I know teachers who teach at these schools, and these children who are on welfare come in with a $200 pair of shoes and $150 pair of pants that they wear way below their waist.

Too little, too late

OUR president is scrambling now to create more jobs. Well, isn't that just dandy? But it's too little, too late, and he will not get my vote.

Doctors, taxes

DOCTORS are going broke, but our wonderful Congress is getting richer with all their tax breaks that they agreed to with Bush. Aren't they wonderful? The doctors spend more time in school than any member of Congress ever thought of. It sure does show, too.

Mail solutions

I am a retired postal employee. I do not believe that 252 processing centers should be closed. I have a suggestion: Put it back in the black. 1) Eliminate door-to-door delivery. All mail should be accessible by automobile. 2) eliminate Saturday delivery. 3) Make the price of stamps 50 cents a piece and be done with it. That ought to take care of all your problems.

Hunt in the country

IF you want to hunt deer, go out in the country. Leave the city to us city folk.

Obama presidency

I have two words to describe the Barack Obama presidency: Weak and indecisive.

BCS champs

ALABAMA put on a wonderful defensive show last week. They held LSU to zero points, zero touchdowns. And they did it with little blitzing. Most of their players stayed at home, played their positions, and only had one penalty all night long. They put on a real show. Mizzou better be taking notes. Mizzou is going to be in the conference with LSU and Alabama next year. They better know how to play defense like Alabama, because they know how.

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