Speak Out 1/9/12

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thank you

THANK you to the nice young lady who left the money at Aldi's recently to help pay for my groceries. It just goes to show you that Santa still comes when you've been good, even if you are 89 years old.

Miller column

I am a student at Cape Girardeau Central High School. I would like to thank Bob Miller for writing a column outlining the many good reasons students should not be required to wear uniforms to school. Mr. Miller, you are a true defender of student rights and a hero to the overwhelming majority of us. Thank you.

Team colors

I noticed the Auburn Tigers are in the SEC, just like Mizzou will be next year. So, we are going to have two teams named Tigers in the SEC. That is not a problem because Auburn's colors are blue and orange. There won't be any mistaking them for the black and gold of Mizzou. But the other problem is Vanderbilt has black and gold as their school colors. Their uniforms look almost like Mizzou uniforms, but they have a different name. We will have to see what happens, but Mizzou and Vanderbilt are going to look a lot alike.

MoDOT question

WHY did the Missouri Department of Transportation put concrete slabs in the middle of Route AB at the railroad crossing? This could cause more accidents than not. The view is plain for miles and miles, but yet there are concrete slabs in the middle of that railroad crossing.

George Soros

WILL we let billionaire globalist George Soros select our president again? With his influence over most major media sources and with dozens of organizations to funnel his money through, he can destroy or promote candidates. He has vowed to put us under the New World Order if it takes all of his millions. Do we want to live under U.N. rule? That's what President Obama and Mr. Soros have in mind for us.

Thanks to police

I'D like to say a special thank you to the police officer that stopped on Jan. 3 going on North Kingshighway and retrieved the dead cat out in the middle of the road. I know that's not a pleasant job, but I sure appreciate him doing that.

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