Rep. Emerson's voting record. Is it true?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson's 2011 voting record. One of the worst in the Republican house!

The facts below are found on Heritage Action Scorecard, part of the Heritage Foundation.

With each vote cast in Congress, freedom either advances or recedes. Heritage Action's new legislative scorecard allows Americans to see whether their Members of Congress are fighting for freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society. The scorecard is comprehensive, covering the full spectrum of conservatism, and includes legislative action on issues both large and small.

Heritage Action's legislative scorecard isn't graded on a curve -- it is tough and we don't apologize. After all, we are conservatives, not tenured university professors. [From Heritage Action scorecard] see:

Rep. Jo Ann Emersons voting record that has earned her one of the lowest scores in the Republican House. She scored 48 out of 100. Only 10 House Republicans have a lower score!

Bill # hr1182-112 Emerson votes NO to stop bailouts to Fannie and Freddie Mack! GSE Bailout Elimination and Taxpayer Protection Act

End Taxpayer Bailouts of Fannie/Freddie: Legislation would end taxpayer funded bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and put both companies on the path towards privatization.

Bill # hr1167-112 Emerson votes NO to cap and reform welfare! Where does Emerson get all this money? From YOU and China!

Welfare Reform Act of 2011

Conservative Welfare Reform: Legislation would build on the successful reforms of 1996 and set a cap on total welfare spending.

Bill # hr750-112 Emerson votes NO to stop job killing global warming regulations!

Defending America's Affordable Energy and Jobs Act

Stop All Job-Killing Global Warming Regulations: Legislation would prevent job-killing global warming regulations via Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

Bill # hr2514-112 Emerson votes NO to stop federal intrusion into education!


Empower States to Make Education Decisions: A-PLUS Act would allow states to opt out of the bureaucracy of No Child Left Behind and provide greater flexibility to make decisions.

Vote # h103-2011 Emerson votes NO to cut spending by 11% in Congress!

Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011

Reduce Congress' Spending by 11% and Other Cuts: Blackburn, R-Tenn., amendment that would reduce funding for the legislative branch by 11 percent and all other funding under the measure by 5.5 percent.

Vote # h143-2011 Emerson votes NO to cut spending to 2006 levels!

Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011

Reduce 2011 Federal Spending to 2006 Levels: Amendment would reduce 2011 discretionary spending to fiscal 2006 spending levels, with some exemptions.

Vote # h164-2011 Emerson voted YES to expand Obamacare! She said she wanted to repeal it, now she EXPANDS it?

Veterinary Public Health Amendments Act of 2011

Expand Obamacare Provision to Veterinarians: Legislation would expand a provision of Obamacare by making veterinary public health professionals eligible for public health workforce grants and loan repayment.

Vote # h179-2011 Emerson voted YES on ''Kick the Can'' spending! Keep throwing the money at our problems Jo Ann!

Additional Continuing Appropriations Amendments, 2011

Temporary -- "Kick the Can" -- Spending Measure: Legislation provided for the continuing appropriations for the federal government through April 8, 2011 -- a short-term funding measure that "kicked the can down the road."

Vote # h275-2011 Emerson voted NO to balance the budget in 10 years!

Pass Alternate Conservative House Budget: Legislation - "Honest Solutions: Fiscal Year 2012 Budget" - would bring our country's federal budget deficit in balance in less than ten years.

Vote # h424-2011 Emerson voted NO about stopping wasteful Ag spending.

Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012Cut $1.8 billion from Agriculture Appropriations: Chaffetz, R-Utah, amendment would cut $1.8 billion by reducing wasteful spending.

Vote # h538-2011 Emerson voted no to wasteful grants. When will the deficit spending stop?

Cut $3.25 billion from Energy Appropriations: McClintock, R-CA, amendment would reduce or eliminate funding for various programs for the Energy Department and independent agencies by $3.25 billion.

Vote # h633-2011 Emerson voted NO on cuts to depts of Interior and Environment. The Emerson plan? Keep spending your money!

Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012

Cut $3 billion from Interior Appropriations: Huelskamp, R-KS., amendment would decrease funding for various programs in the bill by $3 billion and transfer the money to the bill's spending reduction account.

Vote # h217-2011 Emerson votes YES for the UNIONS...again! Married to Democrat Union lobbyist husband Ronald C. Gladney!

FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act

Uphold Rules Change that Empowers Unions: Amendment would strike provision in FAA Reauthorization that overturns a National Mediation Board ruling that allows a minority (as opposed to a majority) of workers to create a union at airlines and railroads.

Our 15 year incumbent "conservative" Congresswoman...

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