Speak Out 12/29/11

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Poverty rate

ONE out of every six people in this country is in poverty. How can the economy get much better? They don't have any money to spend.

Deer comparison

I have read some ridiculous statements in my time, but comparing city limit deer hunting to the killing fields of Cambodia during the 1970s is without a doubt the most asinine thing I have seen in print. Missourian, you should be ashamed and embarrassed to give such rubbish a platform for public viewing. The killing fields involved the horrendous, cruel murder of men, women and children. To compare that to the management of an out-of-control deer herd is a sin.

New Congress

AFTER watching the news for the better part of six months to a year, I've come to a conclusion: this country doesn't need a new president, it needs a new Congress. No matter what president is in there, whether it is a Republican or a Democrat, if Congress isn't willing to try to work with them, then we aren't going to get anywhere. And who is suffering? It's the American working people who are suffering. It's not the Congress. They are going to go on with their races; they are going to have health care; they are going to get everything they want.

School uniforms

I am calling in regard to an article about the dress code. I think that it's an awesome idea, but I don't think I would limit the children to only school colors. I'd go for more neutral colors like green, white, navy, burgundy or even red shirts. Restricting the dress code to school colors is kind of sad because on days that you have spirit days, no one wants to wear those colors because you are already wearing them every day anyway.

GOP candidates

MY family and I have been Republicans forever. I am totally embarrassed by this bunch of candidates acting like they are running for homecoming king. We need to fix the system and find answers, not bicker like teenagers and bully the president. Like it or not, he is our president. We voted for him and he deserves positive help from any party to run until 2012, then do what you will.

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