Speak Out 12/21/11

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank you

I want to thank the postal clerk at the Bi-State post office for coming out in the parking lot and giving me my charger plate I left. God bless you, and thank you so much. Have a merry Christmas.

U.S. jobs

THE United States is no longer a manufacturing country. Just how many jobs will the service industry hold? Can it hold everybody?


SOME area Republicans seem upset about the redistricting of state congressional districts. Good.

Rush Limbaugh

SOMEONE said Rush Limbaugh was wrong about something. Rush would not dispute that. He freely admits he's correct only 99.6 percent of the time.

Urban hunting

DEER hunting committee member Beverly Weakley is concerned about the potential dangers of hunting, if allowed in the city. I, too, am concerned about that. But hey, I was real concerned when that deer ran into my van on Hopper Road.

Ethical businessman

‘ETHICAL businessman' is not an oxymoron.

Day of prayer

I am very excited for the day of prayer for Nolan Weber. It is great to see him turning to faith in God and making that his priority for healing.

Fix roads

I would just like to know if anyone from the city in Jackson knows about the really bad cracks in the pavement right in front of Save-A-Lot in Jackson. Right in front of it and right beside it. It's been there for a really long time, and I was wondering if it could get fixed.

Tithing winnings

IT was exciting to learn that the lady from Scott City won $100,000 and is going to pay a tithe to her church. I hope she will pay a tithe on the gross winnings, not the net after taxes.

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