Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bankruptcies filed through November for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Myer, Daniel E. and Glennda F.11222
Owens, Thomas G. and Gena A.11240

Butler County

Gresham, Shelly Y.11177
Santos, Bradley N. and Alicia A.11182
Koch, Steven D. and Pamela A.11183
Baker, Sarah A.11191
Kearbey, Earl L. III11192
Dickens, Wayne B. and Nancy C.11216
Armiger, Edward D. and Mary C.11217
Luck, James E.11225
Howard, Rex L.11239
Dicken, Roy and Lisa11246

Cape Girardeau County

Gray, Glenn D. and Brenda L.11159
Bird, Calvin E. and Carolyn F.11161
Meyers, Richard M. and Sarah E.11163
Fronabarger, Tina M.11175
Hartline, Pam R.11187
Niedbalski, Brian M. and Jennifer A.11197
VanPool, Larry H. and Carol D.11199
Lopez, Jessica L.11201
Becker, Natasha M.11203
Friese, Jessica A.11205
Cooper, Linda L.11206
Sanford, Jerry T.11212
Fortner, Gerald G.11214
Cantrell, John P. and Rebecca D.11233
Brotherton, Benjamin J. and Mary B.11234
Stoff, Jeffrey A.11242
Herzog, Daniel Sven A.11245
Nicholson, Leslie K. and Angelo E.11247
Adams, Geneva C.11250
Petzoldt, Renae K.11251
Easton, Tammy M.11253

Carter County

Burns, Lauri L. 11162

Dunklin County

Smith, Barbara L.11160
Rickman, Ronald W. and Laura L.11186
Wallace, Richard L. and Melissa11190
Vantrease, Dickie G.11195
Crossfield, Amy11209
McMinn, Johnny F. and Patricia F.11219
Trainer, Timothy D.11230
Ashton, David K. and Janet L.11231
Odell, Pamela S.11232
Whitmer, Michael L.11244

Madison County

Firebaugh, Ryan T.11164
Reed, Timothy E. and Nina E.11165
Lay, George H. and Toni J.11166
Cooper, Gary L.11168
Hawkins, Brenda L.11169
Roberts, Eric L. and Donna M.11179
Farmer, Starlette F.11202

Mississippi County

Currin, Cynthia A.11189
Nicholson, Samuel G. and Yvonne G.11198
McCants, James E. and Betti N.11200
Ketchum, Jeffrey C. Sr.11208
Williams, Joseph C.11220
Clark, Terry L. and Dawn R.11223
Cartwright, Robert C. and Beverly K.11226
Gant, Nichole11238
Thurman, Erin N. and Jennifer L.11249

New Madrid County

Cook, Michael D. Sr. and Marlenia F.11170
Sitton, Michael P.11173
Williams, Tommy R.11174
Mayberry, Robert L. and Geraldine11194
Gray, Guy D. and Cynthia L.11196
Hawkins, Michael G. and Kresla A.11237

Pemiscot County

Truss, Joyce E.11229

Perry County

Stortz, Edward C. II and Trisha L.11172
Kearnes, Sherri L.11204
Phillips, Travis P.11210
Layton, Paul M.11211
Ezell, Earnest L.11241

Reynolds County

Pruitt, Danny P.11185

Ripley County

Coleman, Stephen J. and Sharron K.11181
Mischka, Danielle N.11215
Smith, Virgil L. and Arlene A.11227
McGee, William A. and Anna S.11235

Scott County

Menz, Terry11171
Goodman, Lonnie G.11180
Upchurch, Britni A.11213
Madigan, Debra G.11228
Ivie, Smith C. and Amanda M.11243
Robinson, Betty S.11248
Bell, Richard D. and Shirley J.11252

Stoddard County

Boyle, Gerlyn R. and Kathy A.11158
Bridges, David R.11176
Morgan, Michael S.11178
McElroy, Joshua C. and Misti G.11193
O'Neal, Jerry S.11207
Grimes, Thomas L. and Linda M.11221
Chitwood, Russell C. and Vickie J.11224
Cato, Sharon K.11236

Wayne County

Smith, Tara L.11167
Darwin, Ethel M.11184
Dilport, Henry F. and Erika D.11188
Evans, Terry W. and Jerris11218
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