Speak Out 12/20/11

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cape beautification

I want to say thank you to the people in the community who are cleaning up the corner of Broadway and Middle Street. That corner already looks much better and much safer. There is a lot of traffic with the parents and their children crossing the street to get to the Discovery Playhouse. Not all of the older buildings can be salvaged in Cape Girardeau, but beautifying areas like that corner are a step in the right direction. Thanks for your investment in Cape Girardeau.

2012 election

I fear that many in the area served by the Southeast Missourian are in for a rude awakening, because they are all saying with great confidence that any Republican presidential nominee can defeat President Obama.

Eric Holder

WHAT could be almost as disgusting as giving 14,000 guns to the Mexican drug cartel? How about Attorney General Eric Holder still having his job? Now that is truly disgusting.

Coat hangers

HAS anyone noticed the vast number of Cape Girardeau's restaurants that do not have a coat hanger in their restrooms? This little device costs little. However, the restaurant managers appear to not care that you can't hang up your coat while using the restroom. Come on, folks. Let's take care of this problem and show some consideration for your patrons. Where are the coat hanger enforcement police?

Generous people

ANONYMOUS donors pay off Kmart layaway accounts. These are the kinds of people we need in Congress. Not the greedy people who are in there now.

Education standards

PARENTS, when will you care and speak up? If the bank messed your bank account up, you would throw a fit and get it straightened out, right? Your child and their future education is more important than money, so do something about it. Do you want national standards that have been watered down so all states look successful? Do you want all students to receive the same number grade so your child will figure out that his work ethic and accountability doesn't matter anymore? Hard work and competitiveness in our educational system will vanish as we "spread the wealth" in education.

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