Speak Out 12/19/11

Monday, December 19, 2011

Obama's decisions

I just read where Mr. Obama very cleverly misled Iran by orchestrating the failure of a fake drone in order to gain intelligence from their military. Mr. Obama is good with actions like this that are effective without putting our troops in harms way. The real truth is Mr. Obama prefers to use our top-secret military technology instead of endangering American troops. It's never been a secret that Mr. Obama doesn't want our soldiers to be harmed. He takes a level approach for all decisions to be made. It's really great that this person is residing in the White House. 2012 will reaffirm this.

Free market, Pujols

WHERE are all of the area free market conservatives who should be coming to the defense of Albert Pujols?

Obama, Fox News

A Speak Out caller said every time he turned on the TV President Obama was on. I have concluded from reading that comment that the person who made it may be the only person in the entire area served by the Southeast Missourian who doesn't, 24/7, have his TV tuned to Fox News.


DAVID Limbaugh, we know you are against President Obama and don't want him to be re-elected. We get that. But, frankly, we are weary of waiting for your endorsement of the candidate you favor. Please tell the public.

Save money

MARGARET Donnelly from the Department of Health and Senior Services was praising the work that has been done by state employees to help catch up the mess that SynCare left behind. The backlog is all caught up and she stated that the government is saving money by having the state workers continue to preform the assessments so that Medicaid clients can receive in-home services. At he same time, Gov. Nixon states that he does not want the state workers to continue to perform this job. So if it is saving the government money, why change it? I think our government needs to do all the saving it can. Why pay for another outside company to come in and do the same thing SynCare did? Will that not cost more money?

Federal building

THE federal government is letting the old federal building sit empty, and it is not doing any good for the local economy and has not secured a buyer. So my suggestion is to give the building to the city of Cape Girardeau and renovate it, such as make it in to a small museum, because of the cost of maintaining it for the long term does not make good financial sense if it is not being used.

Blame Cardinals

FOR those criticizing Pujols for signing for more money, ask yourself if you ever, even once, changed jobs because you could get more money elsewhere. If so, you're being a hypocrite. Remember, too, that the Cardinals have been spouting their version of events, but the fact is they've been paying Pujols far less than he was worth for 10 years. They also had the chance to close this deal two years ago and again last year, but they cavalierly played on his love for St. Louis, figuring he'd re-sign at what they offered. Well, he didn't. Instead of berating Pujols, ask yourself what you would do if you were offered a huge raise to go to work in a better climate for a company that would actually appreciate you. I think we all know what you'd do.

Foster care

WE have all heard horror stories of foster care. I am sure there are many who are good people, but far too many do it only for the money. We need to pull all these children out of foster care and put them in the federal building. There we will be sure they are treated well, fed well and have a safe place with peers of the same experiences and are not moved around every two years. I am sure pulling all this money in one place would be smart and would give the children some peace.

First-class roads

I don't like it when people who drive clunkers blame their car's condition on Cape Girardeau's first-class streets and threaten to sue the city's taxpayers if their clunkers go kaput.

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