Speak Out 12/14/11

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TV, president

WHY is it that every time I turn on the TV the president is on? Is that all he does, sit in front of the TV and talk to the people? He needs to be doing some work to get this economy back to where people can live a normal life.


I am calling about the article in the Southeast Missourian about the man who evidently had a gun. Now here is a man who fights for our country and our freedom and comes home and has some lady mouthing off, but they arrest him. That's our court system for you.

Gas tax?

DID Cape Girardeau adopt a gasoline tax? I went to St. Louis recently stopped at Crystal City and bought gasoline for $2.89. I get back to Jackson and see it's $2.99. But then I get to Cape Girardeau and I see it went from $2.96 up to $3.09. So the only thing I can figure is that Cape Girardeau must have added some kind of gasoline tax, because it's still under $3 at the other two cities.

Pujols contract

WELL, Albert, you really got me. How many times did you have to swallow when you spouted, "Oh, I love St. Louis. I want to play my whole career here." The really good one was, "It's not about the money or the records, it's about the game. I just want to play ball." Well, it appears that not only was it about the money, but throw in the fame of being right behind A-Rod in salary.

Obama, drone

I just read where Mr. Obama was presented three options for destroying the U.S. drone that Iran has possession of. Mr. Obama would not approve any of these because it may look like an act of war. The real truth is Mr. Obama is probably happy that the others now have some of our most sensitive, top-secret military technology. It's never been a secret that Mr. Obama doesn't want us to be considered a super power. He wants a level playing field for all. It's really scary that this person is residing in the White House. 2012 can't come soon enough.

Albert Pujols

THIS is about Pujols not signing with the Cardinals: I'm kind of disappointed. But I guess he went to the Angels and got $254 million. I guess it's all about money.

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