Parker demands to debate Rep. Jo Ann Emerson

Monday, December 5, 2011
Bob Parker

Parker demands to debate Rep. Jo Ann Emerson

Have you learned anything from the Republican Presidential debates? Aren't debates a great way to learn about the candidates? Rep. Jo Ann Emerson recently stated she would not debate me in the 2012 primary. She refused in the last election as well.

Bob Parker, Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, hereby challenges Rep. Emerson to debates in Poplar Bluff, Rolla, Farmington, Sikeston, Houston, Mountain Grove and Cape Girardeau. There will be no moderator, just a timekeeper, and we will debate for one hour, with alternating two-minute statements for each candidate.

To refuse to debate is to spit in the face of the America political process and the voters. The people deserve a direct debate on the issues. This is our political process. Free and open debate on the issues is the only way we can truly understand the candidates as they explain their positions on the issues and allow their opponents to question their votes and positions.

If we allow the incumbents to refuse to participate in primary debates and hide behind their big money and professional campaign consultants, we will never expose the true motives of our representatives. The people of the 8th District deserve to hear from the candidates in this important primary election.

Voters should demand debates. Parker asks that you post on Emerson's facebook page or call her office and ask her why she is refusing to debate him. Write to the editor of your local papers about this important issue. What does Rep. Emerson not want the voters to know?

By winning 35% of the primary vote in 2010, Parker has earned the right to a primary debate. Thousands of voters across the district supported him. The rest of the voters should know why.

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