Speak Out 12/4/11

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas carols

THANK you so much to the Salvation Army kettle attendants at Hobby Lobby on Wednesday. I enjoyed hearing you sing the Christmas carols so beautifully. What a special gift you were giving to busy shoppers.

Thank you

I would like to thank the two ladies who were kind enough to stop and help me after I fell at my home on Cape Rock Drive. I failed to get your names, but your concern for me was greatly appreciated. May God bless you richly for your kindness.

Reading program

I am a grandparent with grandchildren in public and private schools. I have become aware of some policies that I can hardly believe or condone. The AR reading program requires children to read and report on books for points. If all of these points aren't met by a certain time, they are denied privileges and field trips. How can this produce a love of reading?

Family unit

The "nostalgic grumblings" regarding traditional families (which include married spouses) was a simple reminder that our broken and bankrupt government is causing it's own demise. It has destroyed the traditional family unit. It has both encouraged and even rewarded single individuals to create disjointed households where the biological parents are no longer responsible for the children. But why should responsible parents support irresponsible ones? The incredible stack of band-aid government programs is failing.

GOP candidates

THERE are a lot of things driving David Limbaugh to distraction these days. One of them is that all of the anti-Mitt Romney Republican candidates for the presidency are so pitifully weak it's pathetic to the point of jeopardizing our republic.

Jackson, EPA

JACKSON'S anger at the EPA tells me that besides becoming imperialistic (the annexation of a part of Fruitland being but the first step), leaders are strongly considering secession. I wish Winston Churchill was around to warn us of what is happening in our own backyard.

Limbaugh column

IT is a sad state of affairs to read right-wing conservative David Limbaugh claim in essence that even though the Republican presidential field is pitifully weak, he will vote for whomever the party nominates. This tells me that in an attempt to defeat President Obama, he will support a candidate who is in favor of dismantling defense and legalizing heroin, that candidate being Republican Ron Paul.

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