Speak Out 12/5/11

Monday, December 5, 2011

Obama redistribution

FOR those of you complaining about the pet-owning couple who were able to fix up their home thanks to grants made possible by our tax dollars, I have to ask: Who did you vote for in the last election? Obama has never hidden his desire to fund more and more programs like this and to take from those who "have" and give to those who choose not to work for what they need and want. If you doubt that, do some research on his past speeches. He couldn't be more clear.

Jackson band

WE see lots of information on Jackson's sports in the news. We see lots of information on their choir in the news. But we don't see too much on their band. How about it? Let's get some band stuff going here. Jackson has a wonderful band program and very talented students that aren't getting any recognition. Can we see some more of that?

Obama, Gingrich

THE caller was so wrong about Obama. I don't think he was paying off any of his cronies, but if anyone would be paying off cronies, that would be Newt Gingrich, because he is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies. He doesn't mind if you pay high costs for your medications. If anything, Obama went to bat so we would all have health care in this country, and it should not be gutted by the Supreme Court.

School taxes

SOME comments over who should be exempt from paying school taxes obscure the fundamental reason we have public schools in this country: Education is a lucrative investment in society and necessary to our long-term competitiveness throughout the world.

Pot, DEA

THE DEA just had a big pot bust on the border again. Why don't they give all that pot to the people that are in the medical marijuana states? The whole world would see this take place, and it would send a message to everyone that the U.S. really does care about their sick people.

Tax cuts

"We just think we shouldn't be punishing job creators to pay for it," said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, scorning a Democratic proposal to raise taxes on million-dollar income earners. Where are these so-called job creators? All I have seen since Bush gave the top 1 percent tax cuts is that they are putting more money in their pockets from the poor and middle class. Maybe they have been giving their tailors jobs to make their pockets deeper.

Income tax snafu

I just got a letter from the Missouri Department of Revenue about my 2009 income taxes. Since I was working in Illinois that year, I was penalized $25 for not withholding 90 percent of my income taxes by the end of the year. What a crock! My taxes were paid in full by April 15. I can't wait to vote on repealing the state income tax. If they make it that complex, then it is time for it to go.

School insurance

THE new Cape Girardeau School District health insurance has tremendously high deductibles. I realize the district has to cut costs, and I have no problem with this if all employees have the same insurance. That includes administration staff.

Rodent problem

THE Cape Girardeau School District has a tremendous rodent problem. Why hasn't this been covered in the news? Does the district not have an extermination contract? Mice are seen during the daytime hours. Rodent droppings are everywhere. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

Dress code

THE Cape Girardeau School Board is poised to adopt a policy requiring all Cape Girardeau public school students to wear school uniforms beginning with the 2012-2013 school year. School administrators in favor of school uniforms are seeking an immediate adoption of the policy without adequate time for public comment. If you are opposed to uniforms for Cape Girardeau public school students, call or email your board office or board members and voice your opinion.

White deer

I have been really looking forward to seeing the white deer, and I finally saw him. He is magnificent, just gorgeous. It would really be a shame if someone were to be allowed to go hunting and kill this beautiful animal. I can't imagine other people not being able to have the joy of seeing him in the wild. He is perfect.

Signs, red lights

I just read the article about the removal of the home tour signs and that the police took them down. Instead of that, why don't they stop people for running every red stop light in town? I've never been nearly killed by a sign violation.

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