Speak Out 12/2/11

Friday, December 2, 2011

Elderly, taxes

WHY can't you take the elderly off the school tax? I can't even buy Christmas for my family, not even the smallest of babies. Many states and cities don't make the elderly pay the high school taxes. It's like you are waiting for Scrooge to come at the end of every year.

One percent

I am stick and tired of hearing people say it's the 1 percent of Americans who are causing all of our problems. It's driving me nuts. It is not the 1 percent who are responsible for our decline and inevitable fall. It is the 0.1 percent.

School criticism

CONSTRUCTIVE criticism of schools should be allowed in Speak Out. In fact, it should be encouraged. However, using words like epistemology and pedagogy to discuss an area school crosses the line, especially in a newspaper that claims to be family friendly. I am stunned beyond belief that you would allow the publication of such scatological stuff.

Reflective striping

INSTEAD of all the fuss over the deer problem, which only a few have complained about, why not worry about bigger problems that affect the majority of the residents, like finding a paint or reflector for the lines in the street that actually shows up when it is raining? I was almost hit three times recently.

Smoking, parade

TO the person who wrote about the smoking problem, people can do what they want. It is still America. If you were out watching a beautiful parade and all you can find to whine about was people smoking, maybe it's you that has the problem.

Worn flag

PLEASE replace the American flag at Southeast Hospital outside of the building. It is worn really badly. Thank you.

School taxes

YOU people that are complaining about having to pay school taxes because you don't have kids in school, I have a question for you. I have lived here over 20 years and have never had to call the fire department. Does that mean I should get a refund from the fire department?

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