Local girl to appear on 'Toddlers & Tiaras'

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Jacy LeGrand will appear on an episode of “Toddlers & Tiaras” set to air in the spring. (Submitted photo)

Local 8-year-old Jacy Legrand will be featured on an episode of "Toddlers & Tiaras" expected to air in the spring.

A camera crew will be in Cape Girardeau on Tuesday and Dec. 7 filming at the LeGrands' home and around town. They will then follow the family to the "Wild Wild West Show Down" pageant Dec. 10 in Indianapolis.

Jacy's mother, Gina LeGrand, said she received a call from the show about three weeks ago.

"We were in a violin lesson, so it was really quiet. We caused a huge disturbance at SEMO," LeGrand said.

The call came after "Toddlers & Tiaras" noticed Jacy about a month ago while filming at the pageant "Disco Diamonds," presented by Beautiful Me in Springfield, Mo.

LeGrand said they received the call around 7 p.m., and the show wanted an audition tape by noon the next day. Despite the short notice, she said they stayed up all night making the tape and made the deadline.

Jacy began competing in pageants two years ago and has since competed in nearly 50 pageants and won more than 75 crowns. In August, she was named Ultimate Grand Supreme, the highest award that can be won on her level, at "America's Ultimate Extravaganza/America's Best National" pageant.

"There hasn't been very many where she hasn't won one of the top three titles," LeGrand said.

Jacy's first pageant was at the SEMO District Fair, where she came away empty-handed. However, her luck turned around in her second pageant, when she won the title of Little Miss Jackson.

After that pageant, Jacy began taking pageant and modeling lessons. She gradually began competing in more pageants locally to "support all the people around here that put pageants on," LeGrand said.

Eventually, she moved on to state and national pageants. LeGrand said the farthest the family has traveled for a pageant is Columbus, Ohio.

For the LeGrands, these pageants are a family affair. LeGrand said that for most pageants she does Jacy's hair and makeup. She said her husband takes care of things such as building props for Jacy's routines.

In addition, LeGrand said they generally travel as a family.

"Usually several people come depending on their schedule," LeGrand said.

That includes Jacy's older brothers, who attend the pageants when their schedules allow.

LeGrand said preparing for these pageants requires a lot of practice, including modeling lessons. She said every category requires a different look, a different outfit and a modeling routine specifically for that category. For example, Jacy will compete in five categories at the pageant in Indianapolis: a beauty category, two outfit-of-choice categories, a "Wild Wild West" wear category, a talent category and a Super Model Showdown category.

LeGrand is excited about her daughter's upcoming television appearance. She said that while some girls on "Toddlers & Tiaras" "show their rear-end," Jacy will not be on of them.

"Jacy is not a brat. She is very well mannered," LeGrand said.

She hopes that by seeing Jacy on television, others will find her as a role model.

"I don't see any badness coming from it with my daughter. It has been healthy for her," LeGrand said.

LeGrand said being in pageants has changed her daughter into a confident young lady and allowed her to meet lifelong friends.

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