Speak Out 11/30/11

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clothing drive

I'VE seen the homeless in Cape Girardeau, and the Salvation Army can't support all of them. However, I have a suggestion if Cape Girardeau's homeless support systems are unable to shelter them. Maybe the next best thing is to help keep them warm. I've seen outdoor clothing, the clothing that deer hunters and mechanics wear to endure the outdoor weather. I think there should be an outdoor clothing drive. I'm sure the radio stations would help, and after all, what respectable deer hunter or mechanic doesn't have some old outdoor clothing that they could donate? Better to give than to receive, right? At least that's what Jesus said. May the Lord bless you for your efforts.

Urban hunting

IF deer hunting is allowed in city limits, will the city or the hunter be responsible for property damage? Remember when a deer is shot most of the time it will run a good distance before it goes down. I do not want someone's kill bleeding out and dying in my yard.

Home repair grants

WHAT a shame people can get grants for repairs to their home and be on the front page of the paper holding a full-blooded Yorkie, let alone have two and three cats and also drive new vehicles. If they can afford all of that, why can't they afford repairs on the house they chose to buy in that condition? And we pay for it. Unbelievable. No wonder our system is in such a financial bind.

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