Letter to the Editor

Political correctness and religion

Being politically correct stops us from saying "merry Christmas" or calling it a Christmas tree. Recently I heard on the news that military bases cannot have a cross on the chapel for fear someone's feelings will be hurt. A Catholic school is being sued for having too many Christian emblems. How about all those people who are offended by Christ or the Cross form a line and pull out your nickels and tell someone who cares. This is the United States of America, not Islamabad or Saudi Arabia.

If the red, white and blue, apple pie and "In God We Trust" offends you, move to an Islamic nation that doesn't care how you feel and will cut off your head for disagreeing with them. I love the U.S., and it has always, until recently, been a God-believing and God-fearing nation, but suddenly Christians have found themselves on foreign soil. Our president couldn't choke out the words "Thank God" during his Thanksgiving address. What has happened to this nation that once believed in God and was thankful for His blessings.

I get it, everyone has the right to believe in or not believe in God, but how about backing off and letting Christians have their share of religious freedom. God help the U.S.

DAVID McNEELY, Scott City, Mo.