Speak Out 11/23/11

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Great show

I just saw "Hamlet" recently at the River Campus. While Shakespeare is not one of my most favorite of things, they did a tremendous job and everything was very enjoyable. They all acted their parts very well. The young man who played Hamlet was awesome. He did a fantastic job and had a lot of lines. So kudos to all of them and the director. It was fantastic.

Dress and food

THANK heavens the Cape Girardeau School District has determined what is appropriate dress for children at the junior high. Maybe now they can concentrate on the obesity issue among teachers, coaches and administrators who are supposed to be models for our children. Judging by all the "food nights" advertised on the marquee, probably not.

Married parents

IN a recent Southeast Missourian that had 17 birth announcements, 18 babies, only four couples appeared to be married. How sad. After those staggering statistics of the seemingly unmarried couples, only half were employed. How do these couples plan to support their babies? Show me a sincere political candidate who will address this issue of irresponsibility and the drain on already strapped working families and I will show you a candidate who will get my vote.

Judicial responsibility

JUDGES have a tremendous responsibility, I hope they do their job right.

Corn prices

I was reading in the Southeast Missourian where people were talking about the late harvest wrapping up. Being a user of corn, all you ever worry about is the people that harvest the crop, but the people that feed it are just as important. We are the demand. We can't take these kind of prices without our end products staying in a higher place. We live in a world of dreams if we think we're going to see these kind of high prices for crops very long, because down the road the demand will disappear.

School taxes

I think when you become 70 you shouldn't have to pay school taxes anymore, because a lot of people don't have children in school at that age. I don't see why we should have to pay it.

Diet change

WE are what we eat. So, why would you want to be a turkey or a pig or a cow? Try being a peach. Seriously, try a plant-based diet for 30 days and see what happens to your blood pressure, your cholesterol level, your weight, your blood sugar and any other health statistic. Plus you won't believe how great you feel.

Single mother

MY heart goes out to the homeless lady with three little children. My question is where are the fathers and why isn't the law chasing them down?

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