Letter to the Editor

Coaches did a great job

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The high school football coach teaches athletes to play to the best of their ability. Coaches teach sportsmanship and teamwork. The coach creates an environment that allows students an opportunity to excel. If student athletes learn these things, take advantage of that environment, and have enough natural ability they will win games.

Van Hitt and Bob Sink at the very least are good coaches. I thought they were great coaches. Having been a Jackson fan for five decades, I've sat through plenty of football. Jackson recently had three losing seasons. The first two were due to lack of talent. This year was a young but improving team. Hitt and Sink did the great job they've done for decades. They have inspired former players to become coaches that are now Jackson's competition. Even with a good program there will be winning and losing seasons.

Sink and Hitt still have a love of the game. They still set a fine example for the children. I fear this "demanded resignation" has been done for all the wrong reasons. I fear it is the discontent of spoiled children who can't admit their children aren't "superstars."

I fear that the administration and school board aren't wise enough to see this. The only wrong doing I can find is the destruction of the practice field at a critical training point. If a scapegoat must be found, ask for the resignation of Dr. Anderson and Dr. Fisher. We can vote the school board out.