Letter to the Editor

Smoke-free entertainment

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I have been reading in the paper about Cape Girardeau wanting to attract more baby boomers. A smoke-free entertainment venue for the older set might be something to consider. I have spoken to hundreds of people about the need for such a place and the response has been overwhelmingly in favor.

The older we get the less we are able to take the smoke that fills the air. Many excellent older musicians in this area would love to perform again but can no longer handle a smoky environment.

There are still plenty of us baby boomers who would like to go out once in awhile rather than sitting at home watching TV.

The hours wouldn't have to be as long as for a younger crowd. Maybe an existing restaurant might want to add to their income after the dinner hour. Charge a reasonable cover fee to help pay for the musicians. Offer a variety of music during the month: blues, jazz, big band, doo-wop, easy listening and even old rock, played at a reasonable level.

Most importantly, give it time to grow. It takes a while for something different to catch on around here. Paducah, Ky., and Carbondale, Ill., both have smoke-free public entertainment. Why can't Cape Girardeau?


Cape Girardeau