Scott County property owners get flood plain notices

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BENTON, Mo. -- Scott County property owners are receiving a reminder along with their county tax bill this year.

The notice advises that a floodplain development permit is required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for any new construction or major renovations to an existing structure.

Floodplain development permits are issued in Scott County through the Scott County Office of Emergency Management.

"When someone comes in for a floodplain development permit we check the floodplain maps that are provided to us by FEMA and that provides us with the information on whether that location is within a floodplain," said Patrick Young, emergency management director for the county. "If they aren't in a floodplain, we can issue a floodplain permit. If the property is in a floodplain, they have to get an elevation certificate."

While some governments charge a fee to determine whether a property is in a floodplain or not, "there is no charge for the stuff we do," Young said.

Full compliance with this FEMA regulation is very important for the county, according to Presiding County Commissioner Jamie Burger, as it is required for the county to remain a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program.

"It's not our regulation; we are just the enforcement agency," Burger said.

Because it is so important, protocols were established to help ensure the county remains in full compliance.

"When people build a new structure that is going to have electricity to it, before they get electricity the electric company, whether it be AmerenMO or SEMO Electric, will require a floodplain certificate before they will hook them up," Young said. "And a lender is going to require flood insurance if you are in a floodplain."

A floodplain development permit is required not only for the construction of homes, but also for commercial and agricultural buildings, mobile homes and even other developments such as mining, dredging, filling, grading, excavation and drilling operations.

As most people have real estate property or a vehicle, the insert was included along with the tax bill as it was a way to provide the reminder to nearly all county residents.

"This is probably the second if not the third time we have done this," said County Clerk Rita Milam.

"The county was already having to pay postage for the tax bills to go out -- the notice is basically the same size as the tax bill that comes out," Young said. "This notice is to the residents of unincorporated parts of the county, however. If you live in an incorporated area, you should contact your municipal government for this."

Young said those who are doing new construction should also remember to get a county-assigned address.

"We assign the addresses from this office also," he said. "So when they come in to get their floodplain development permit we can take care of the address as well. The 911 addressing allows 911 dispatchers to pull up their address on a digital map -- it's all computerized. It can assist the first responders in locating an address."

A county ordinance requires a 911 address to be displayed on all residences in the county. Additionally, residences located more than 150 feet from the roadway must also display the address on a post, fence, mail box or other structure at the property line next to the walk or access drive leading to the home.

There is no cost for having a 911 address assigned, according to Young.

For more information on floodplain development permits and county 911 addressing, contact Young by calling 545-3549 or by email at

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