Monday, November 21, 2011

Bankruptcies filed through October for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Carey, Duane A. and Tandra D.11050
Seabaugh, Amon R.11094

Butler County

Keele, William L.11045
McCrary, Donald R. Sr. and Carolyn E.11046
Wyrick, Johnny W. and Tina L.11060
Esmon, Steven D.11090
Cooper, John E. II11099
Harwell, Ruth A.11104
Markham, Carl W. and Amber R.11107
Delong, Christine A.11109
Pierce, Ronald D.11113
Copeland, Tamara A.11133
Kimbrow, Thomas J.11139

Cape Girardeau County

McDowell, Diane E.11048
Guinter, Richard J. and Paula11052
LeGrand, Richard D. and Margie D.11056
Palmer, Hubert C. and Donna R.11062
Golden, Marlene G.11065
Thomas, Lisa M.11066
Rodgers, Stephen W. and Aundriea D.11069
Reavis, Charles A. and Katherine E.11073
Jaco, Bruce A. and Lillie L.11081
Mahoney, David A. and Laura D.11082
Bekkali, Kamal and Kristin E.11083
Schoen, Darrell O.11084
Kelley, Tammy J. and David L.11091
Holt, Brent W. and Tonya S.11095
Davis, Rosemary11098
Slinkard, Keith B.11114
Merrick, Mark A.11121
Keller, Billy J. and Mary K.11125
Allen, Donna K.11128
Gilles, Henrietta11131
Bawcum, Melissa J.11135
Bradshaw, James D. and Penny J.11136
Bracken, Joseph M. and Nede R.11141
Walshon, Elliott S.11144
Reed, Richard A. and Cheryl L.11148
Taylor, Patricia J.11150
Wolfenkoehler, Geneva M.11152

Carter County

Bradshaw, Teresa L.11070

Dunklin County

Baugher, Jimmy D.11061
Wright, Gary S. and Diana L.11068
Owens, Rebecca A.11108
Warren, Greta11115
Turner, Larry J.11116
Mount, Stevie A.11118
Nix, Gary A. and Tara L.11146

Madison County

Ballew, Mark W. and Hope D.11089
Pickert, Jerry D. and Jacqueline H.11092
Smith, Rachel M.11096

Mississippi County

McCameron, Kenneth L. and Cynthia J.11054
Rowe, Cindy A.11080
Rigney, Deborah K.11120
Hines, John J. Jr.11145
Tucker, Allen Sr.11151
Grimes, Larry J.11153

New Madrid County

Eaton, Kevin D. and Betty M.11086
Tanner, Bradley L.11123
Kershaw, Aretha11124
Lott, Leslie11140

Pemiscot County

Rittenberry, Joshua M. and Tiffany N.11047
Davis, Victoria11117

Perry County

Murnan, Kenneth E.11100
Mitchell, Trudy K.11126
Baranowski, Frank J. and Julie A.11134
Parris, Michael W.11137

Ripley County

Murdock, Jason D. and April L.11059
Moman, Frankie S.11097
Kettwig, Joseph H. Jr.11127
Wilson, Lyndal B. and Rebecca C.11132
Thomas, Roger D. and Geraldine A.11143

Scott County

Senciboy, Billy R. Jr.11049
Arnold, Cody A. and Brooke A.11051
Uhrhan, Donna A.11053
Schaefer, Daniel T. and Sara D.11057
Degen, Jon A. and Lisa A.11058
Jones, Kristen M.11063
Davis, Shirley A.11064
Hatcher, Delois11067
Estes, Pauline11075
Koelliker, Christine E.11077
Agee, Dennis R.11078
Keene, Charles D. II and Misty D.11085
Hall, Brian A. and Holly A.11093
Armitage, James F.11101
Baker, Steven A. and Debra J.11102
Murphy, Ashley N.11103
Crawford, Joseph M.11119
Hebel, Norman W.11122
Irby, Timothy H. Sr. and Brenda F.11138
Timmons, Anthony L. and Charolyn J.11147
Gaspard, Adam W. and Shelly L.11149
Bridger, Laurie L.11155
Ogden, Rogert H. and Wanda R.11156
Garner, James W.11157

Ste. Genevieve County

Sterling, Richard M. and Sherri L.11044

Stoddard County

Duffie, David L.11071
Wilburn, Keith R. and Lora A.11072
Barnes, Richie and Amy J.11074
Schaefer, Stephen F.11076
Reinbott, Anessa H.11079
Smith, Eric E. and Janet M.11087
Watson, Terry L. Jr. and Jennifer R.11088
Manes, Herbert L.11110
Tucker, Shaun D.11111
Benefield, Jerry D.11129
Burrows, Valerie M.11130

Wayne County

Tucker, Gene A. and Christina E.11105
Evans, Jessica D.11106
Bushong, Trudy J.11112
Lutes, Michelle L.11142
Bauman, Donald H. and Rosemary I.11154
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