Letter to the Editor


As I grew in your shadow, I did not know

Of the days in the heat, of the nights in the snow

Of the foxholes and tents, of rations so few,

But safety and warmth was all that I knew.

You spent no time bragging of victories won,

You did not display medals to show all you'd done.

Your trembling memories you kept to yourself,

Your valor and faith not displayed on a shelf.

You were willing to go and honored to fight.

You saw more than a flag by the dawn's early light.

It was honor and freedom, defending our land

It was pride and provision you held in your hand.

It was homeland and family you shielded that day

As you faced down death from bullets' wide spray.

As the wounded and dying were left by your side

You continued the effort; you give us all pride.

My life has been blessed and my days have been fun

I'm free to speak out or free to just run.

I have all these pleasures because of your life

You laid down your will to settle the strife.

And now with tears flowing I look not at me,

And all that I've done, but why I am free.

You walked out my valleys; you painted skies blue,

Freedom is ringing because you were true.

With all of my heart and all that I am

I humbly thank you for taking your stand.

You are Uncle and Brother, but I called you Dad

And you made the way for all that I have.

BONNIE NATIONS, Cape Girardeau