Speak Out 11/10/11

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Missouri drivers

CONTRARY to what you may have heard, Missouri drivers are not the worst in the country. We're No. 2.

Sales tax

IF Missourians decide to replace the state income tax with a regressive sales tax, our stature as a state would fall below the countries of Cameroon, Somalia and Myanmar.

Freese story

AS I watched the World Series I was interested in the story of David Freese. As the parent of two former high school baseball players, I could certainly understand why he decided to pass up a scholarship and quit baseball after high school. High school coaches, often just trying to relive their own so-called glory days and also protect starting spots for their favorites and own sons, can really suck the joy out of the game. And when they don't even bother coaching and the boys don't receive any instruction, it's hard to stay motivated.

Obama's success

OBAMA has done a good job as president -- these are tough times. Here today they were saying to watch the stock market because they expected it to be down. It wasn't, thank goodness, because of the collapse of the markets overseas. The point is, Obama came in and he did what was necessary so our country would not go into a depression.

Obama and illegals

JUST to let you people who voted the man into the White House know, he is for illegals from Mexico and not for American citizens who voted him into office. He's pushing to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits, even though they haven't paid anything into Social Security. And besides that they aren't citizens. They don't deserve a penny.

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