Letter to the Editor

Orderly change is best

Violence, vandalism and assaults on police officers are not beneficial to the Occupy Wall Street movement. We are not yet at the point of having to remove a ruthless dictator. This is not a Third World nation. Violence and chaos are not helpful. We can't just meet on the streets with a generalized dissatisfaction of the system and call for its immediate dismantling. A working plan of replacement needs to be ready to go. Revolution is not the answer; evolution is.

Despite the inequities of our economic system, there is still a large percentage of the 99 percent who live reasonably well. They are not anxious to forfeit what they have for something undefined and lacking structure. Someone with leadership ability needs to step from the crowd and convert this mob into a working movement with ideas and goals. Our constitution allows for change from and by the citizens. All the energy these people are using to protest could be put to a more efficient use by knocking on doors with petitions and straightforward talk about what needs to be done. The initiative and referendum process is still available and is a good tool for amending the constitution and law. However, it takes time, perseverance, genuine dedication and most of all a plan to make it work.

Occupy Wall Street has been effective at drawing attention to the problem of lopsided wealth. They now need to leave the streets and get it together to ensure a successful outcome.

VAN RIEHL, Jackson