Speak Out 11/9/11

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NAEP exam

ALL area students from public and private schools should be required to take the National Association of Educational Progress exam. It's the closest thing we have to a national report card. It would allow us to identify student strengths and weaknesses and to do an even better job of educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Organic food

I am writing in response to the article written about the Cape Girardeau farmers market. Most people who sell produce at the market are not organic. There are only a few organic growers at the Cape Girardeau market. I advise consumers to talk to the farmer who is growing and selling their food to find out how it is grown and what is used in the process. I think most people would be surprised to find that a lot of chemicals are used to produce their food.

Missing women

COULD these missing women's bodies have been put into a Dumpster somewhere and covered up? Might be worth looking into.

Occupy protests

AS I read about the Occupy protests, I cringe at where and what these trust-fund children were taught in social, economic and civic classes. It is none of their business how much money an individual or company makes. They need to mind their own business and participate in commerce rather than try to destroy it. If they were properly educated, they would be protesting against government corruption and waste.

Waller search

IT took police five months to search again along Interstate 55 for clues to Jacque Waller's disappearance. Supposedly they waited until the area was mowed but weren't sure how long ago the area was mowed. You have got to be kidding me. My husband and I cleared almost five acres of land that hadn't been cleared in about 70 years, and we did that entire job by ourselves in less than five months, working weekends and evenings and not even every day. I'm sure the Missouri Department of Transportation would have come and mowed that area sooner, and if not, police officers could have done it.

County salaries

I can't believe that the Cape Girardeau County office holders are even considering pay raises with all the people out of work, and we don't know where the country will be in the next several years. However, I can see how this is happening, as they are all mostly greedy Republicans who only think of themselves. The only way the pay raises should be given is by the people voting on them. Not for the people that will be benefiting from them.

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