Speak Out 11/7/11

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wealth redistribution

TO all the CEOs making the big bucks: It's not fair that you make so much money because you chose to educate yourself, take on more risks than I did, make better decisions than me, hired employees and paid them what they were worth, and still maintained a profit margin to keep your stockholders happy. It's not fair that you make so much money. I want you to give me your money or as much as it takes for us to be even -- even though I didn't do all those things myself. It's only fair. This is America.

Extreme couponing

EXTREME couponers: I don't mind that you clear the shelves or that I have to patiently wait behind you at the registers because you misjudged what your total should be. But I draw the line when it comes to stealing my paper from my driveway or stealing the ones in the Post-Dispatch at the gas station. It is ridiculous that someone would have such disregard for others.

ID voting cards

THERE will be a lot of people that will not be able to go get their cards or pay for them. It might be a good idea if they would go to the homes and take the people's pictures and give them cards for free, just as they do in checking the census. But how good are these cards going to be? There are so many fake or stolen driver's licenses, liquor ID cards and student ID cards. I am not so sure it is worth the time and money.

Deer advice

SOMEONE claiming to be excessively bothered by deer asked for advice on what to do: Move.

Police costume

FOR a Halloween party I dressed as a Cape Girardeau traffic cop in charge of pulling people over for running red stop lights. But no one had ever seen one, so the costume was a huge waste of money.

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