Speak Out 11/6/11

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank you

A big thank you to Scott Meyer and the Parks and Recreation Department for making the basketball court over in Arena Park so beautiful. The children will really enjoy it.

Deer deterrent

HUMAN hair keeps deer away. It is a proven fact. If you have trouble with deer eating your vegetables and flower garden, go to a salon; human hair is free. Just sprinkle it around your plants and they will stay away since they do not like our scent. I did it this year and had no problems with deer or rabbits. It works.

Federal building

WHY is the county trying to buy the old federal building that no one else wants or will even bid on? Are our three commissioners smarter than everyone else?

Rust column

MEMO to Gary Rust: Even though it may be of the highest quality, your entire column is discredited whenever you mention and, even worse, highlight the name Glenn Beck.

Negative ads

ENOUGH of the negative ads. What a waste of money spreading gossip. It looks like Obama is getting more done without the Republicans while they play with our lives and act like teenagers. How about positive ads, some ideas and actions. When a candidate has to tear his opponent down to make himself look good, it makes you wonder what he has to offer in the first place.


ON the supercommittee that is there to solve our budget deficit problem, if they were truly there to serve the country as they say they are, there would be no problem. The problem would be solved. But they are there to keep their jobs, and that's the problem.

Farmer's dust

IF you don't like farmer's dust then stop consuming anything produced by farmers. You won't be contributing to the problem and will not have a guilty conscience.

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