Out of the past 11/4/11

Friday, November 4, 2011

25 years ago: Nov. 4, 1986

The city council has given the go-ahead to installation of a fairway irrigation system at the municipal golf course, contending it should result in increased use of the links and provide additional fee revenue to operate the course.

As election returns are counted in the early evening, Democratic congressional candidate Wayne Cryts enjoys a lead over incumbent Rep. Bill Emerson for the first 90 minutes; but the hoped-for upset isn't sustained, and Emerson wins re-election with about 52 percent of the votes.

50 years ago: Nov. 4, 1961

The upward trend of radioactivity over Cape Girardeau has slowed, and a leveling off seems in store unless fallout from Russia's 50-megaton hydrogen bomb exploded Oct. 31 finds its way to this area.

Plans have been about completed for expanding the Town House Motel at Kingshighway and Broadway, with additional rooms and a swimming pool area to be constructed; the property, owned by the Rev. Gayle Jackson, is to be increased to 85 motel units, an addition of 26 ultramodern rooms.

75 years ago: Nov. 4, 1936

Seemingly riding the coattails of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrats swept elected offices in Cape Girardeau County; the entire Democratic slate apparently won election, with the exception of one County Court judgeship, which went to Republican Willie F. Meier; totals, however, are not final.

Still recovering from Monday night's windstorm, Cape Girardeau was hit with a snowstorm last night; it is the first of the season and measures about 2 inches; the sun, however, makes quick work of the snow.

100 years ago: Nov. 4, 1911

In line with Cape Girardeau's progress, the city is to have a new hotel, first-class in every respect; to properly care for an ever-increasing number of patrons, George McBride will build a five-story fireproof hotel south of the current Hotel Idan-Ha.

One of the first things L.B. Houck did upon returning home yesterday was to hunt up the "white way" street lighting committee and give the scheme his hearty endorsement; he will be one of the heaviest payers to this proposition, but he says it will be worth many times more to his tenants than the cost to himself.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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