Speak Out 11/4/11

Friday, November 4, 2011

Short-term benefit

THE idea of drug testing recipients receiving welfare is the best idea the government has ever had. If a person receives my tax money and uses it for drugs, they do not deserve it. That money is for those in need. If a recipient tests positive for drugs, here is an idea, clean up and get a job and earn your money and quit living off those of us who work for ours. Welfare should be a short-term benefit to help those who need it until they find a job.

Police officers

WHATEVER happened to the two new police officers in Cape Girardeau who were supposed to hand out tickets to people running red lights? Every day someone runs a red light at Broadway and Kingshighway.

Obama's not dividing

OBAMA is not dividing the parties. The Republican Party is dividing itself and is probably losing more people to the Democratic side. I think Obama did a good job of dealing with the economic crisis after Bush engaged in a costly war that apparently our country can't afford. I think Obama was left holding the bag.

Not disabled

I think all these people that are protesting should have their photographs taken by the FBI, and we should find out how many of these people are on SFI or SFV Social Security disability. That proves that they aren't disabled, because there are people in Cape Girardeau that claim they are disabled and they are drawing monthly checks. They have no bills. It's paid by the state and the state collects it from us taxpayers.

Changing behavior

PUNISHMENT from the criminal justice system doesn't change people that much. A lot of times it doesn't work. Psychologists ought to find a new paradigm where they can use psychology to change behavior.

New lights

I live in Jackson and the city needs to get together and have new lights put on U.S. 61 North from the swimming pool past the new Nordenia plant. It is dark, unsafe and does not look good with new industry and businesses looking us over.

U.N. law

THE progressive globalists have only one goal, and that is for the U.N. to control world government. It was scheduled to be in effect by 2010. Unconstitutionally, President Obama issued the proclamation putting us under U.N. Agenda 21. Now that he has started campaigning, our president has reversed everything he has stood for. Don't be deceived. We will be under U.N. law sooner than you think.

Obama jobs bill

THE person who called in taking Mike Jensen to task for saying that there was bipartisan opposition to President Obama's job proposal and then turned and made it all Republicans who opposed it, either you don't know the facts or you don't care about the facts. Harry Reid voted against the jobs bill, and he is the No. 1 Democrat in Congress. So get your facts right before you call in criticizing other people.


WHAT has happened to Halloween? Where are all the kids? This is sad. I do say thanks to the dad of the only trick-or-treaters I had at my house. Hats off to you.

Steve Jobs

SING the praises and say what you will about Steve Jobs and all his inventions, but the man denied his own blood, his baby girl at birth. What does that say?

Return items

TO the man in the black truck, please return the gray tarp, daffodil bulbs, livestock salt and rocks to our front yard on Hillview Street. No questions will be asked.

Noise ordinance

I think when you buy a house next to a park you know there is going to be some noise. Why not buy a house out in the country if you don't like noise?

Money hungry

I am very sad to see the comment that Emerson made about the cement plant. Children's lives are worth far more than the dollars, for goodness' sake. I am telling you, you people are money hungry.

Kardashian's marriage

IS it any wonder that Kim Kardashian's second marriage didn't last but 72 days? It's probably because her mother taught her how to live reality shows, not live her life.

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